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Herman Munster Using His Ham Radio

Comet H-422 Rotatable Dipole Build

40 Meter Double Bazooka Build

The NorCars Logo


The Day My Old Formula Almost Sank.

 Getting ready to set sail.

 Brother-In-Law Tom steering after we lost control at the helm.

 Made it back alive and well.

Tying her up.

A real bad day in the bay, after losing steering we where tacking on water but limped back to the marina.  Thanks to Tom and Dave.

Pictures Of The Shack

Operators Station

PC Desktop

Davis Vantage Vue

This is real funny, wath out for those Ham operators, you know how they can be?

Not my mobile!

Man, that has to hard on the battery?

Me and My Bride Since 1988!

I don't know what I'd do without her!

My Best Friend - K9DOG

My Name is Coco, you can find me around 7.197mhz when WX4AR is napping!

How about all that hair?

Yes that's me, about 30 years ago.  I wish I had half that much hair today.

My Station Call - WX4AR

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WX(weather) 4(for) AR(amateur radio)

The NorCars Net Preamble Delivered By N.C.O. K8RLM